Friday, December 24, 2010

DC Universe...why can't I hate you?

Sony Online Entertainment...DC Universe...a most unlikely pairing many would admit.  I went into this with reservations, to say the least, and somehow I come out of it all intrigued.

Then the BETA hits!

So I've logged in some hours, few to some, considerable to me.  I've created 3 characters, two of which are villains, and created a league <YnL> (that's Yam 'n Leggs folks).  My first character is this monkey (not literally) who would be our leader, Sarshel Yam.  He possess Super Speed ability, mentored by Lex Luthor, and loves Gadgetry.

Sound interesting right?

Then I realized I'm sick of looking at digital man-butt, so I created a super sexy Hero-lass to which I can oggle.  Mmmmm sexy polygons!

Too slutty?  Okay, I'll play conservative...

So I'm trying to hate this game...I really, really am.  I'm not a fan of MMO's.  I used to be, so perhaps I'm predisposed to the sickness, but in my defense I have all of the WoW Collector's Editions sealed and sitting on the top of my Bookcase...just looking like these beautiful tomes of forever-sealed goodness.

Despite it all, I can't hate it.  I find myself having an unhealthy amount of fun.  I'm making time for my friends so we can play online, raid and just run around like a bunch of nerdy kids with a new toy.  I fly to the highest point of the world, then fly straight down because it makes me feel like a badass!

So now what?  Now I'm trying to justify the purchase.  I know I can budget the game (which comes with a free month), but with next months lineup do I really want to sacrifice a release to pay for a half year sub for one game?  I expected a sub, it would be silly not to, but damn if I'm having a difficult time solidifying this one into the budget.

Is anyone else having this problem?  Is anyone else even in the BETA playing right now?

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