Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Reality: My kid is cooler than yours!

Heh, I can only imagine some of my fellow-parents reading that header and thinking "Pft...the hell he says!"  But it truly is more than just a stance of close proximity, it's de facto reality.

I'm not quite sure where & when this "cool" surfaced, but suffice to say Jayton wakes up this morning and tells me...

"I had a good dream today Daddy!"

Naturally I inquire into the nature of said dream and he politely obliges my request by telling me a wonderful story...

"Uhhhm...there was a zombie, but he was good, then uh, there was another zombie who was bonking on the door at Nonnie's.  We took pictures of zombies, but then they disappeared...and I didn't take a picture of a zombie.  Hmmm...and I don't remember what else, and that's it!"

So as a parent, you can imagine my delight to hear that my son, at the age of 4, is so actively involved in zombie preparedness through deep cerebral simulation.  That or I should be worried he'll be a liability with the rest of the peace loving Scientist hippies who believe the "plague" has a cure.  Nice zombies?  Pft, what an imagination.  As if nice zombies exist!

Furthermore, before the old lady steps out for her last day at work, preceding a most anticipated 2-days a row (we miss Mommy), he asks her to put in a CD he can listen to.  The CD?!?

See, he's not afraid of social convention.  I'm sure his age has plenty to do with it, but the kid has some mean taste in music.  Adding NKotB to his library of Metallica, Brandon Flowers, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, and Daft Punk (amongst others), well, that's an evolved pallet of music to be sure.

Couple the with the fact that he's a far better brother to his little sister, Pepper, than I could have ever hoped for.  Suddenly I wonder what the hell I was so worried about.  He has two wonderful & nurturing parents (if I may toot my own horn for just a moment), that keep him well grounded but offer him the attention that every kid needs & deserves.  If I can give all prospective parents one bit of advice going into this life-changing decision it's the following:


Too often I hear about these ridiculous stories of parental neglect.  It could be attached to a number of vices used as an excuse, Video Games, drugs or alcohol, but the bottom line is mental stability and sacrifice.  Your child doesn't ask for much, and even 5-15minutes from the moment you walk in the door after a long and grueling day means the world to them.  Those first 7 years may seem like a lifetime, but you'll be shattered when you realize how quickly it goes by.  Blink once and you miss it!  A wise man once said the following:

If You Cant Feed Your Baby
Then Don't Have A Baby
And Don't Think Maybe
If You Can't Feed Your Baby
You'll Be Always Tryin'
To Stop That Child From Cryin'
Hustlin', Stealin', Lyin'
Now Baby's Slowly Dyin'

Not everyone is meant to have a child.  Not everyone SHOULD have a child.  Those that are blessed with such a gift, well, make the time to grow up with them.  You'll find a new lease on life while your child becomes everything (and more) that you hope for them.  I'm always surprised by the actions of my son (even at age 4), and I can't wait to see my daughter grow up.  I'm certain his qualities manifested as a direct result of involving him in nearly everything we do each and every day.  Moderation of content, of course, but they don't care what they're doing as long as they get to do it with Mom & Dad!  Does it come with challenges?'s a challenge each and every day, but it's also the one thing I know I'm doing right with my life and in this world, my greatest rewards.

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  1. Good times huh. I still remember the photo of him at 1 year old, with the pink DS in his lap. How time flies.